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March 2016 Update

After a break from the blogosphere due to numerous long term projects (that are wrapping up), Cannabis Analysts is very pleased to announce that we are back to providing cutting edge analysis here, free and accessible to the public. After receiving feedback from our clients and readers, we will be providing up-to-date analysis as states, dispensaries, investors and other participants in the cannabis markets release data. Below are additional services we have rolled out, and please do not hesitate to contact us should there be anything you’d like to know or suggest. We welcome all inquiries:

  • Business plan review: more and more entrepreneurs are entering the cannabis space, from dispensaries to distributors to edible providers. Applications for permits are growing. If you would like us to take a look at a business plan or application you plan to submit, please reach out to us.
  • Addition of graphs and visuals: more and more data is made available by regulatory bodies and industry groups. We will seek to find meaningful and actionable data to present to help you.
  • Tips and insights: if you have an anonymous tip or insight you would like us to know, or anything you would like us to look into, please also reach out to us. We will keep all communication confidential.

We are excited about the plethora of activity and development on the cannabis front. Across the United States legalization is gaining acceptance, conferences have sprouted up in all major cities to involve the public and further connect stakeholders, and benefits from the industry are being felt throughout areas where it’s allowed; we could not be more thrilled, and we look forward to sharing our insights and services with you as you explore this field full of opportunities.