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We aim to be the leading industry source of marijuana business analysis and research. We not only report on important and granular industry trends and the business of growing and selling—we’ll tell you what it means too.

The Cannabis Analyst has worked in private equity, investment banking,  engineering, and management consulting. We have a profound appreciation for business-building and possess in-depth industry acumen. We’ll help our readers become the pioneers of this exciting, emerging industry in a responsible, legal, and, importantly, profitable manner. We want to expose to you the critical components of the marijuana business and help you capitalize on fast shifting industry opportunities. There are no secrets.


Gideon says:

Great stuff. Are you looking for new analysts/reporters? I’ve build one business in Aspen and am now looking at another juicing cannabis to differentiate as I agree with your analysis in one of your articles regarding ‘commodity’.
Great stuff,

Gideon Murray

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